Patryk Vega’s latest after Small World continues with organised crime and inter-country violence but thankfully doesn’t dredge the depths of depravity that film did. Instead he mines the bible specifically Exodus in a mind meltingly contrived way that messes an already messy story.

Opening with ‘Nos’ (Przemyslaw Bluszcz) who from his early years experimented with bombs and became an expert. He blows up his mother’s brothel then sets up his own only to be extorted by gangsters whom he joins after he demonstrates how adept at crime he is. At this point he (Nos is narrating) shifts to murder as his boss has a lot of enemies. Parallel to this is copper Jacek (Andrej Grabowski) who’s colleague is killed by Nos causing him to declare himself a lifelong enemy.

The film moves forward several years when they have grown older and their offspring too. Jacek’s godson is a computer nerd and he his fellow student nerds hit on the jolly wheeze of tampering with household alarms, getting in and robbing them without alarming or harming anyone.

This works for a while and make a lot of money until they happen to pick on a house that has cases full of money, gold bars and a fully stocked armoury. No guesses who they’ve robbed and the trouble they are in.

So begins a horrendous plod of a story that draws in money laundering, snitches, Russian drug running, kidnapping and murder. Not to mention a torturous alignment with the Book of Exodus and the plagues, the departure of the Israelites from Egypt and Pharaoh’s change of mind.

At nearly two hours this is very ponderous and it really never gets going because it’s looks tired and is chocked up by so many plot strands. The ordinary script that the actors gamely battle with and lose, doesn’t help matters either.

There is the kernel of a good story here struggling to get out but is smothered by the flotsam all around it. There’s little in the way of action unless you consider that to be executions and bombs and those begin to tire very quickly.