Reggie Yates debut feature film Pirates is set in 1999 and the quest for a party by three friends Cappo (Elliot Edusah), Two Tonne (Jordan Peters) and Kidda (Reda Elazour). Driving through London from north to south we get to know them, who at the dawn of the new millennium, are facing truly life changing decisions. But for the next 24 hours they are on their way to find tickets for a sold-out party.

The set-up and background are basically a series of sketches that sees them get their tickets lose them, and a chase around London that takes them to clothes boutiques, barbers, eateries and there’s romance too.

Pirates revolves around the three leads where there’s an intense loyalty and friendship which is tested as student Cappo, returning from university, isn’t looking to pick up where he left off with the band, as his friends hoped he would. Things are going well with the band beginning to make some waves and they are looking at an optimistic future. Cappo’s reluctance to go with them causes resentment with Two Tonne and Kidda so fracturing their friendship.

The all Black and Asian cast are excellent. The three principles are tremendous handling the humour and banter very naturally. Equally they are convincing in the more serious parts when things become more fraught when their future aspirations and friendship require adult handling.

They in turn are surrounded by a first-rate collection of characters, that enhance the film and provide considerable depth. On the soundtrack I won’t pretend to be familiar with the music featured just that I liked it and didn’t feel it was incongruous or planted.
This good natured fast paced fun which is probably a bit too long at eighty minutes and becomes a bit saggy and episodic mid-way.

However despite what may appear on the surface as something of a superficial caper, Reggie Yates doesn’t shy away from digging into tough and emotional issues about growing up, exposure to other experiences, building on those, and at times having to take very difficult decisions.