Sound Designer Walter Thoma is a remarkable addition to the world of music. So far, this supernova has worked on many high-end projects and worked on the “Academy Gold Rising” production track for sound. We caught up with Walter to chat about his project ‘Stitched’.

Welcome Walter! Before we kick off, can you explain what a sound designer and composer does?
A sound designer and a composer work a remarkably job, they both tell stories through sound. The sound designer usually works with atonal sounds and textures, as well as building a world of sound to encompass the story. A composer works with musical elements to support and elevate emotions.

How would you describe the projects that you typically prefer?
Any project that tells an important, impactful story.

Tell us about the feature film “Stitched”.
“Stitched” is a drama fantasy feature film that follows the life of a former counterfeit criminal, told through the conversations held about him behind his back. The movie stars, Denise Gossett (Get the Gringo), Phillip-Charlie Daniell (History's Greatest Heists), Mia King (Marisol) and Zach Goodwin (Display) to name a few.

What was your role within the realms of the movie?
This is an exciting project as it’s also one of the first feature films that I was able to supervise. I’m the supervising sound editor at the moment and re-recording mixer which is very exciting. This feature will offer a lot of room to play and work with sound design.

Zach Goodwin (director) made sure to have a lot of beats with sound being the driving force. I love that the movie was put together in a way that allows for sound to take a heavy part in the story, we will make sure we take advantage of that.

I’m working with an amazing sound team at the moment, they are all amazing and talented people, and I can’t wait to show you what we are putting together at the moment.

Do you have anything coming up next?
At the moment I’m working on a few horror projects, one of them is called “They’re Here” which is a really fun sci-fi horror, as well as a newfound footage horror which will be particularly fun to record and plan.

How can people connect with you?
My Instagram is @walterthoma_sound