In an exclusive interview, Film News sat down with Brazilian born actress Gica Pucca to talk about taking over Hollywood and her latest movie ‘Project 405: Lost at Sea’ helmed by multi-hyphenate and award winning filmmaker Josie Hull and the talented producer Diana Cody.

Can you introduce yourself for our readers please?
Hey guys! I am Gica Pucca, an actress born in Brazil but now based in Los Angeles. Throughout my life, I developed a keen interest in human behavior, inspired by my love for mystery novels and detective stories. On a personal level, my friends would describe me as a rebel and bold soul. This fascination for understanding emotions, led me to pursue a language exchange program in London, where I had the opportunity to deepen my understanding and role as an actress. I was eager to refine my acting skills, so I immersed myself in the rich teachings of Stanislavski at the esteemed Superior School of Arts Célia Helena, earning a technical and bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts. From there the bright lights of Hollywood were calling, where I achieved my third diploma at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

What was your first major acting role?
Since I can remember I have acted on stage, but I would say my breakout performance in film was my lead role in Ascalapha, written and directed by Gabriel Misaki. The movie was selected and garnered attention in multiple international film festivals in North America and Asia, achieving fourteen nominations, including Best Actress, and two awards at the (BIMIFF) Film Festival.

Tell us about your new movie ‘Project 405: Lost at Sea’.
The movie is about an aspiring artist Alexia, who grieves the loss of a loved one and struggles to finish her painting. Theo, her personal AI assistant, who has little understanding of human emotions, tries everything in his power to feed her longing soul, no matter what it takes. I play the lead Alexia.

Do you think you are like your character?
Alexia is a complex character when it comes to the situation she is in. The grief of losing Gabriel and the lack of human connection keeps her in a limbo of creativity, in a world where everything could be created with the snap of a finger. Sometimes, I see myself lost, unmotivated and stuck in a daydream of the past. And it is during those times that I need to remember myself that life moves forward, otherwise I would be stuck in a memory forever.

How did you prepare for the role?
My preparation focus was based on Alexia's relationship with Theo. I put myself into the world of being taken care of by a robot, creating this contrast between humanity and artificiality. The emotional misunderstanding between them is what creates the conflict during the movie. I was definitely frustrated to look at Diné (Theo) and not see his soul through those black eyes. He was amazing.

Can you spill any tea from the set?
Trashing the apartment for the last scene was definitely one of the best parts of the whole shoot. We finished lunch, and the DP screamed: “Don’t toss your thrash out, we are going to use this!”, and suddenly, the whole apartment was filled with leftovers, napkins and wrapping paper from the sandwiches we ate. We have to use what we have, right?

How did you get involved?
After working with Fender Bender Films three times in a row, Project 405: Lost at Sea was the next step for all of us. The same week we finished Saudade, we scheduled a meeting to start the new title. The idea for this project came from long conversations with my co-star Marco Labate (Gabriel). We wanted to bring to the public a dystopian world with AI. We knew that Josie Hull and Diana Cody are exceptional in what they do, and I’m happy to say that together, we were able to bring this title to life.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?
Your uniqueness is welcomed in this world, don’t ever doubt that.

What’s up next for you?
I am shooting a new project this week! And we have a few more lined up for 2024!

Thank you, Gica, for taking the time to chat with us. Stay up to date with her on IMDb, Instagram, Facebook or her Website.