It's been years since Harold and Kumar went on an adventure; in fact they're not even friends anymore. Kumar is a beard-toting weed head with no life and Harold is hosting for his wife’s family. When Kumar receives a mysterious package addressed to Harold, their paths are destined to cross and destroy everything in the remaining vicinity.

You have to give it to Kal Penn and John Cho; both actors are young stars with potential yet keep going to the weed-encrusted well of Harold and Kumar. Neither seem to need the franchise, so it must be done out of love of slapstick comedy, yet I can’t help but feel that it's also a way to cast a wide net over a variety of actors of all races that wouldn’t otherwise be given a chance in most mainstream Hollywood movies.

So on this basis; I heartily commend the duo for providing a diverse character roster on their ludicrous and hammy adventures. It’s nice to see non-Caucasian bit part players decorating the scenery for a change. Also taking part in this Christmas tale are such luminaries as Danny Trejo, RZA, Elias Koteas, and of course Neil Patrick Harris.

The 3D is so intentionally over the top, it runs a fine line between amusing for just how uncreative it is, and tired because...well it's very uncreative. Tip for directors: don't use 3D unless you're James Cameron. The highlight of the film is a claymation diversion that has pretty amusing cuts back to reality, as well as a hypothetical plan to steal a Christmas tree from a church.

Purely for fans of the franchise, and anyone not fussy about things like tone, pacing, direction and seeing babies on cocaine. To get me on board Penn and Cho need to aim higher, get a director with a coherent vision and not play it safe.