Soon to be seen in the all new '24' Mini-Series. Mark Holden is one of 'those faces', popping up in everything from 'The X-Files' to 'Captain Phillips' to 'Final Destination'. His next appearance is arguably his most memorable. The heroic and hilarious cameo of 'Jeff from I.T' in the zombie movie in a toilet ; 'STALLED' which is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Before we get into all the 'STALLED' stickiness tell me how you first got into the business that is show?

My mother introduced me to live theatre and film from a young age, so when I was about 10-11 years old, I joined a community theatre company and performed in local halls etc. I actually became a professional actor at 29 years old, after I'd had a track & field career and then an international bobsledding career.

Wow! You seemed to appear in every cool sci-fi show of the 90s from Millenium to Stargate to The X-Files. Fond memories working on those shows' Any interesting/fun stuff you can divulge?

Most definitely many fond memories, the cast and crew were always extremely good fun. The story lines were exciting. You got to shoot all over Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, so there were some beautiful locations. It was especially fun working in a scene opposite an actor dressed as a weird looking alien type character.

You had the small, but oh so significant, role as the pilot in the original Final Destination. When you were playing that part did you realise that you were going to be responsible for one of the most enduring horror franchises of recent years?

I had no idea that the movie would eventually have a cult following. But I guess that's the fun of not ever knowing how it will be received by the audiences.

And more recently, Captain Phillips. Was that an arduous shoot' And how was Mister Hanks to work with? An absolute jerk I am guessing?

Captain Phillips was an exciting film to be involved with and a lot of fun to shoot, especially being in Malta for 7 weeks. The cast and crew were fantastic. Tom Hanks is an absolute gentleman and amazing actor, and a lot of fun to be around. He took all the cast and crew out for a beer, pizza and movie in Malta during the shoot. The Somali actors were a great bunch of guys to work with, and everyone is so happy that Barkhad Abdi won Best Supporting Actor at the BAFTAS for his performance in Captain Phillips.

So! Last year you had the honour of starring in not ONE but TWO zombie films and they couldn't be more different. One; the most expensive and lavish zombie film ever made and the second perhaps the cheapest and most intimate. I have to tell you, I preferred the latter! Tell us about your time on World War Z..

In WWZ my scenes were on board the aircraft carrier, which was located and shot in Falmouth, Cornwall. I played a UN delegate, involved in a round table discussion about what was happening around the world, the cause and affect etc. I was there for eight days and had a great time. There were a lot of actors and extras on this shoot, so it was one of your bigger Hollywood productions.

..and so to 'STALLED', the zombie film set entirely in a ladies restroom! How did you come to be part of this ridiculously entertaining film and star as the legend that is 'JEFF FROM I.T'?

I worked with the director Christian James on a short film (Absence) for a 48 hour short film festival a few years back. He approached me regarding, 'Stalled', it sounded interesting, and the cameo role looked like a bit of fun, and I think it's always important to support friends and up and coming writers and directors, so I said, yes let's do it!

Jeff From IT is a tough Rambo type character, loved by the ladies and revered by the guys in the office. He is dead set on saving the day. It was a set restroom, very well built, not operational! But it looked exactly like the real thing!!

I was so surprised by how original the film was. Have you seen it yet and what were your thoughts?

Yes, I've seen it twice, and think it's very well made, funny with X-rated content. It has been said that it will be one of the core Christmas movie favourites in the future!

Any plans to work with the makers; Christian James & Dan Palmer again?

I think we'll probably do something in the future, we definitely enjoyed working together.

Maybe you and Dan could be mismatched cops?

An interesting idea, could be fun! Will have to speak with him.

What else does Mark Holden have coming up?

I've just shot an episode of 24: Live Another Day playing a CIA security guard. The shoot was a lot fun. Episode one premieres in the U.S on 5th May, and in the UK after that on Sky1.

Excellent! And when can we see STALLED?

Stalled can be ordered now on DVD through Amazon.

Thanks Mark!

It's been a pleasure!

'Stalled' is available on DVD and Blu-Ray via Matchbox Films.

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