There are times in life when watching Casino or Ocean’s Eleven yet another time simply won’t cut it. Movies that are lesser known and more obscure, yet equally as brilliant, are great for exactly then.

We’re proud to have found five titles that gambling fans everywhere will gobble up during their next film and chill session.

1. Revolver – 2005, Action/Drama
Guy Ritchie has had a fascinating directing career and Revolver is his attempt at an action drama. Gamblers will enjoy the theme of a gang operating a network of illegal gambling venues and games all over the city, and all the shootey drama that comes with it.
It’s received lots of negative press, yet it also has a cult following of people who are obsessed with the style of Ritchie’s action films – maybe you’ll become one of them?

2. Rat Race – 2001, Comedy
One of the very best gambling related comedies, Rat Race plays on the ‘group chase’ genre, fills it with hilarious scenes and doesn’t rely much on logics or clever jokes.
The entire premise of the film is that a Las Vegas magnate launches this race for money, where punters can bet on who gets in first. You will either love the silly antics of the Rat Race, or hate it.

3. Two For the Money – 2005, Drama/Thriller
Ah, the sight of Matthew McConaughey Al Pacino and Rene Russo on one screen. You can bet your money that the movie is going to be great.
If you think you’d like a story of a prematurely retired injured sportsman, who befriends one of the most popular sports bettors, then Two for the Money is the right film for you.

4. Bookies – 2003, Comedy/Drama
We’re counting on you liking smart movies and clever dialogues, because there’s loads of it in the Bookies.
In it, four college friends join forces to set up a small bookie operation, yet things get out of control real fast when their insatiable appetite for money captures the attention of local, professional criminals.

5. Owning Mahowny – 2003, Drama/Crime
The fabulous Philip Seymour Hoffman features in this well-rated film as a bank manager (with access to multi-million dollar accounts) who also happens to have a gambling problem. You can probably see where this is going…
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