Ever notice that the characters we watch on TV all seem to live in beautiful houses? Whether it be cartoons, dramas or comedies the characters we see on our screens all seem to have found themselves living in amazing surroundings.

But how realistic is this? Sure, working as a spy is a glamorous career, but how well does it pay? And is it enough to afford a swanky London apartment?

Price comparison site Canstar have been pondering the same thing, and have created a tool designed to discover whether or not some of the most iconic characters in pop culture could afford their homes?

The tool also allows you to input your own salary to work out that if you worked in the same universe as say, Sherlock Holmes, would you be able to move into Bakers Street?

You can take a look at the tool below. Give it a try and see how many of pop culture’s properties you could afford!

Brought to you by Canstar.
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